We will start this walk along the organic farming olive grove, recognizing different varieties of olive trees and appreciating farming-related flora and fauna. We will be amazed at the bushy vegetation that borders the olive grove because this is an ideal habitat to develop and defend our appreciated partridge and other living beings. The olive grove maintains the ability to welcome migratory birds, thrushes, greenfinches, goldfinches that travel every year from the Northern countries in search for a refuge.


In the old pen of La Corraliza, we can see illustrative panels with information of the relief of the area, flora and fauna, footprints, tracks and signs of wildlife, crop rotations and all works done during the farming season in the olive grove as well as in annual crops.


We will walk slowly along pastures and rosemary shrubs,  follow fox trail and see, at mid-slope level, a scenic view of crops of La Corraliza such as the olive grove and annual crops. We will keep going up hill toward the synclinal top among rosemary shrubs, esparto grasses,  copses of Aleppo pines and trees with dense and long foliage that release their own characteristic smell, which serve as a plant refuge. From the top of the hill we will see a scenic view of loams and plasters where La Corraliza is located. This area is composed of sediments that millions of years ago were deposited at the bottom of an inner and wide sea that occupied the area surrounding the Ebro.


Yet there are more elements that live and run in this land. We can distinguish who they are by following their trails with the company of an excellent tracker dog which will teach us how to detect and identify them.


Finally, you can enjoy organic oil tasting and appreciate the Arbequina, the Empeltre, the Picual varieties and the Coupage that is obtained from the three varieties mentioned before. All of these oils are produced in La Corraliza de Don Pablo where you can appreciate with all senses the qualities and positive attributes  of the olive oil.


The start of the walk is at La Corraliza olive grove.


Time: 3 hours


Minimum height:


Maximum height:




Difficulty: intermediate